Fame To Follow Fortune For Cookie Jar Lottery Winner

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It took a few months before Richard Cerezo found a winning lottery ticket in a cookie jar.  Last May 15, he collected a stunning $4.85 million dollars he won from an Illinois Lottery ticket drawn on the 2nd of February.  The saying that “Behind every successful man is a woman” may also hold true in this case, as he checked the tickets in the jar at the urging of his wife.

There are many nice aspects to their story; the most interesting one may be that  they won just in time to prevent their Geneva home from being foreclosed.  You would think people who suddenly win big will first think about splurging, yet after their mortgage is settled, the couple priorities are to share with their children, give to their church and local charities.

As their story’s cool details inspired many people, Cerezo and his wife have been invited to appear in a television program hosted by Katie Couric, for a richly deserved spot in the limelight.

Read more in http://geneva.patch.com/groups/arts-and-entertainment/p/genevas-cookie-jar-lottery-winner-to-appear-on-katie

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