Farmer ‘Harvests’ $3.5M Hoosier Lotto Jackpot

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When Deloris Morgan bought entries to the Hoosier Lottery at Highway 135 BP at 5630 Highway 135 South West in Corydon, Indiana, little did she know how much she would win.  And when she learned of the $3.5 million jackpot, she was excited and woke up her husband.  Husband was not that impressed.

Marshall Morgan is a farmer, house builder, great-grandfather and husband who had always worked all of his life and did not see what winning more money can bring him, except maybe pay off his debts.  He admits that the crop last year was less than expected and left him in the red a bit.

Morgan had quite an adventurous life as a military man, then a farmer.  All his family live nearby and he figures there’s not much else that he needs.  Morgan will remain a farmer by choice.  Deloris, meantime, is planning on a trip to Hawaii and doing some house remodeling.

The Morgans opted to receive a one time payment of $1.1 million before taxes.


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