Fear Of Scams Almost Cost $6.2 Million Prize

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There are so many stories about scams, some involving the lottery, that people are understandably suspicious when they receive calls about big sums of  money.  Tammy Schwartz-Stobel received a few such calls from a woman introducing herself as a lottery official, and hung up on the caller thinking it was a scam.  In the process, her husband almost lost the chance to claim a $6.2 million prize.

She had let the answering machine deal with the lottery officials, still unconvinced of the authenticity of the call, but later picked up the phone to tell the caller she can’t have her husband’s number.  The caller convinced her to email the lottery’s phone number to her husband.

The husband was also skeptical and did a bit of background check on the numbers before calling.  Apparently, in this case, lottery had the winner’s details because the tickets were bought through a subscription.  Now Dr. Schwartz-Stobel, is glad he made the call.  He gave the winnings to his wife who collected a lump sum payment of $3.9 million.

Read more in http://www.examiner.com/article/doctor-s-wife-hangs-up-on-lottery-official-thinking-6-2-million-win-a-scam

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