FEATURE: Lottery Winner Of The Month (November 2015)

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The Heart Of A Winner

Many of us play the lottery to chase after an all too elusive state of financial stability – we all hope to land the big jackpot that finally wipes away debt and see us through our sunset years. Lottery players come from different walks of life and you’d be surprised to learn at how many well off people still enjoy playing. But there are those buy lottery tickets as a desperate attempt to get out of a deep financial rut.

Because it takes just a single ticket to win life changing amounts, people who find themselves in dire financial straits turn to different forms of lotto play. There are even some who are convinced that they will win a big jackpot eventually, they just don’t know exactly when.

There are people who have endured a lot of suffering while waiting for their chance at a big money win; you can include the names of couple Wayne and Desirée Home among them. While they are now winners, the road to riches has not been very smooth; they just had the persistence to keep playing despite their situation.

The Bumpy Road To Riches

To even say that Wayne and Desirée Home were ordinary people before they hit it big in the lottery would be a bit of an exaggeration. They were only ordinary people in the sense that they were working class; almost everything else they have gone through have been harder than normal.

For one, the couple have had more than their fair share of illnesses. At one time Desirée had been battling bowel cancer. There were a couple of times when she had respiratory failure and weakness caused an onset of other diseases like pneumonia. It is not hard to imagine how costly the treatments have been over the years. There were also spinal surgery and having to deal with diabetes. To compound matters, their poor health must have affected their work performance so much that both of them lost their jobs.

With the loss of income and the expensive treatments, the couple’s debts mounted. Debt collectors became regular visitors. Soon they had to give up their home and downsize their abode just to get by. At the time of their win the house they had been living in even had a defective toilet seat.

During all this time they kept playing the lottery, hoping one ticket would solve their financial troubles; and then suddenly it did. A lottery ticket they bought won a million pounds in the Euromillions Raffle draw!

What Has Changed Since Their Win

The Homes are basically the same people they were before the win; since there are no more financial worries there are smiles on their faces now. And the first thing they did after the win was to buy a new soft-closing toilet seat!

Since then they have also bought a a fancy boat. They like it so much where they live that they will probably not move. But they can now afford the occasional impulse purchase like the time Desirée bought a pair of earrings on a whim without ever asking for the price first.

So has the win made them happy? Both say it has. It is as if a weight has been lifted off their shoulders. They don’t have to worry about money nowadays. The future looks a lot brighter and they both look forward to being able to help out their children. All of these became possible because they both had the heart of a winner. They never quit playing and dreaming of how that next lottery ticket can make their wildest dreams come true, until it finally did.

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