First Illinois Lotto Jackpot Winner Has Not Changed Much

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We have read lots of stories about lottery players winning big money only to lose all of it.  Many lottery winners also forget where they came from and turn into new persons.  Fortunately or him, Mike Wittkowski had better luck managing the effects of a sudden huge windfall.

Thirty years ago, Wittkowski won a huge $40 million jackpot from the Illinois Lottery, becoming its first jackpot winner; and those were in 1984 dollars – a time when gas was about a dollar per gallon.  Things became crazy and he even received death threats and bomb threats, but he withstood them all through the support of his family, with whom he shared his winnings.

A friend said the money would not change Wittkowski, and it did not.  Thirty years on he still lives a simple life and counts his wife and children as the best things that ever happened to him.  He is living proof that wealth does not change people; it merely enables them to do the things they want to do.


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