First Nations Couple Win $1 Million On First Try

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We all know that the odds of winning the lottery are always millions to one; but what are the odds of winning the lottery on the first try?

The latest million dollar winners in the Western Max Lottery are a couple who belong to the Sagkeeng First Nations of Manitoba who won on their first lottery ticket purchase.  Winola Canard and Jeremiah Courchene also made it to the record books as the first winners of the Western Max from Manitoba.

Acting on a whim, Winola bought a $9 Max Pack that included a $9 Lotto Max ticket and a $3 Western Max ticket for the June 21 draw at the Wal-Mart Good to Go on Empress Street.  Surprisingly a few days after the draw, they learned that their Western Max Ticket has won $1 million.

Now they plan to set-up a cooking  business, build a home and help other people.


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