Florida Lotto Love Promo [video]

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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Florida Lotto, they have a whole Lotto Love to give 🙂

It starts with 2,500 instant winners every week for 3 weeks – with prizes of up to $250,000. (Are you spotting the 25 trend yet?)

How Do You Enter?

Simply buy a Lotto ticket worth $5 or more, and you could instantly win $25. About 7,500 people will win on the spot.

But even if you don’t, you will also get an extra voucher with your ticket. Keep it because this could be worth as much as $250,000!

Each voucher will contain a number that you must enter on the official Florida Lottery website to get an entry into 3 different prize draws.

When Do The Draws Take Place?

The first ‘Lotto Love’ draw is on 29th April and the second on 6th May. Both will have prizes of 25 x $250, 5 x $2,500 and 2 x $25,000.

Then the big draw will be on 13th May where 2 people will walk away with a cash prize of $250,000. But there will also be 280 runners up prizes too.

What To Watch Out For

Each voucher you get can be used for another entry. So plan how you buy your entries for maximum chances. Spend $10 and you get 1 voucher, but spend 2 x $5 and you get 2 vouchers!

Also – everyone who enters draw 1 and draw 2 is automatically entered into the big draw. But entries for draw 1 are NOT entered into draw 2. So plan when you enter your vouchers if you want to be in all the draws.

And don’t throw the vouchers away after entering the numbers – you will still need the voucher to claim if you win!

Want A Better Chance Of Winning Florida Lotto?

FLA Lotto Love PromoThis is a great promotion and definitely worth making the most of as it really boosts your chances of winning.

But make sure you take a closer look at our Florida Lotto Magic review too. It gives you a better chance of winning the Florida Lotto and Powerball every single week.

Finally, it’s a big Happy 25th Birthday to the Florida Lottery, and good luck in the Lotto Love promotion.

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  • Eugene Donofrio

    I am having trouble entering Lotto Love entry vouchers.

    Kindly advise me of how to do so.

    Thank You.

    • Lottery Blog

      Hi Eugene,

      Just head over to this page on the official Florida Lottery site:-

      Then click the ‘Voucher Entry’ link at the top.

    • John Lang


      • Lottery Blog


        Don’t post your entry voucher numbers here! You need to enter them in the Lotto Love Promo page on the Florida Lotto website.

  • Alvie Butler


    • Lottery Blog

      You can’t enter your Lotto Love vouchers here Alvie – you need to go the Florida Lottery website to do it. See the link in our reply to Eugene.

  • Sherman Packtor

    I tried to enter my vouchers, could not without a password. Don’t know what they are talking about.

    • Lottery Blog

      Hey Sherman,

      You need to have an online account otherwise they won’t know who is registering the vouchers 🙂

      The link to register and create your account is to the right of the log-in box.

  • Beverly DeMarco

    I can’t get the Lotto Love Promo voucher on your web site? I have two vouchers to put in. 924xxxxxx848 92xxxxxxx12

    • Lottery Blog

      Where are you trying to enter your vouchers? Are you at the right link? See my reply to Eugene above.

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