Footage Of Lottery Winner Published

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A lucky lottery player bought a Powerball ticket at Whitley Heights Market, located at 1900 North Highland Ave. in Los Angeles way back in May.  The ticket managed to match five of six numbers, but missed the Powerball for the May 22 draw.  The only problem is that nobody has come to claim the hefty $465,539 prize.

Last month the lottery called on the winner to come forward with the winning ticket, but so far their efforts have been in vain.  Concerned that the redemption period may lapse without a claimant, the lottery has now used a screen grab from the store’s surveillance camera to help identify the winner.  They hope that people who know the mystery winner would help.

If despite all their efforts no claimant comes forward by 5:00 pm of 18th November 2013, the prize gets turned over to the Los Angeles Public Schools.


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