Former Boyfriend Sues For Share Of Jackpot

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In another case of dispute over lottery winnings, former partners Howard Browning and Lynn Anne Poirier have been to  an appeals court which in turn just asked the Florida Supreme Court for help in coming up with the proper ruling.

The case stemmed from a ticket cashed by Lynn Anne Poirier in 2007 for one million dollars.  In a lawsuit, former boyfriend Browning claimed they had been living together since 1991 and that he had an oral agreement with Poirier in 1993 to share any winnings from the lottery.

The original ruling was that any oral argument that should take more than a year should be in writing, denying Browning’s claim.  Browning’s side has countered with  a claim that the money used to buy the ticket came from him, and that they jointly purchased it.

Whatever happens to the court case, their relationship has already suffered.


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