Fortune Cookie Numbers Prove Very Lucky

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There is no scientific basis for what people call luck, and what they deem unlucky.  There have been lottery winners who have won significant amounts on a Friday the thirteenth.  But there are more stories of people who have won big lottery jackpots by using numbers they consider ‘lucky’ despite the absence of scientific proof.  One such winner is a man from Olathe, who wants to remain anonymous.

The lucky man used ‘lucky’ numbers he saved from fortune cookies to come up with a combination he regularly used in playing the lottery.  For a while he did not win anything and even thought of giving up on his number combination.  But the numbers finally came up on the August 23 draw, giving him a $389,672 prize from the $2 Super Kansas Cash game.

The man is very private and has said only his wife and daughter will know of his windfall.


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