Friend Leads Man To $4 Million Jackpot

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Some friends play the lottery together.  Some share lottery winnings with close friends.  But for a lumber yard supervisor from Rutherfordton, a friend sort of  ‘led’ him to a big jackpot.

Henry Smith became the first player in the state to win $4 million from an instant game called the $200 Million Blowout.  And he admits that he would not have tried the $20 ticket if not for his friend Dan Royal, of Forest City.  Royal had won $5.2 million from the lottery in 2013, and now had the honor of welcoming him to the millionaire’s club.

He chose a single lump sum payment of $1.6 million net of state and federal taxes instead of an option to receive $200,000 annually for 20 years.  Now he says he can pay off debts including his mortgage, improve his home and go on vacation.


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