Gas Station Clerk Wins A Million Dollars

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Jeff Fallang of East Helena does not play the lottery regularly.  However, he has played the Montana Millionaire game in the past.  This time he bought 6 tickets and hit the big one.  One of his tickets won the $1 million jackpot, when it was drawn from a total pool of just 135,000 tickets.  The game which is only available between Nov.1 and Dec. 23 is on its eighth year and has sold out for the last three years.

Fallang who was adopted when he was just five months old has lived in East Helena since.  He works as a retail clerk at the same East Helena Pump where he bought his winning tickets.

The suddenly well-off man has no plans of retiring.  He does not even know what he wants to do with the money, and hopes it will not change his life.  One thing is sure though, the money will allow him to be more of what he is.


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