Glitch May Have Caused Winners To Miss Out

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The Western Canadian Lottery Corporation (WCLC) has advised bettors to re-check their tickets after discovering that a system delay has caused incorrect lottery information to be provided.

The delay in the transmittal of information on winning combinations has caused some people who check their tickets early to erroneously receive an ‘appears not to be a winner’ message at ticket kiosks, even when it has actually won prizes.

Such was the experience of Gilles Caron, who checked her tickets very early and was skeptical not to have won even a minor prize.  A later check at a different kiosk revealed a $2 and a $12  winner.

Not surprisingly, many players are disappointed with the lottery, and speculate that there may be a lot of unclaimed prizes resulting from winning tickets getting discarded after being given wrong information.

Lottery officials have established a hotline for people who believe they may have tossed winning tickets, but the process is tedious and requires more information than most players tend to remember.

Now I am far from being literate with computer programs, but if each combination checked was linked to the draw date on the ticket, this could not have happened.  Here’s hoping lottery officials take steps to speed up the results input, and link the combinations to the ticket draw dates.


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