Gut Feeling Leads Man To Million Dollar Lotto Win

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Hunch Leads Man A To Million Dollars

Benny Bowles says positive thinking helps him win.  But when he visited a Gastonia Quik Trip store to buy lottery tickets it was not positive thinking which helped him but what he calls “gut feeling.”

Bowles usually buys two scratch-off lottery tickets, but while at the store something told him to buy three.  While in front of the teller he had the same thought, so he decided to give in.  He bought three “Ultimate Millions” scratch-off tickets.  The first two were duds, but the third one revealed a million dollar prize.  He was stunned and even his brother found it hard to believe him.

When he visited the lottery offices he chose to receive the prize as a one time payment of $600,000 instead of 20 yearly payments of $50,000.  He managed to take home $414,558 net of taxes.

What’s more incredible is that he won back in May, but held on to the ticket till he and his wife can figure out what to do with all that money.


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