The Harkers Bag $25 Million Lotto Max Jackpot

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Morgan Harker has made it a habit to bet on the lottery whenever the jackpot is big, and the Lotto Max jackpot of $50 million certainly fit the bill.  When the Harkers bought a Lotto Max ticket from the lottery ticket centre in Victoria’s Bay Centre, they never thought that they would be filthy rich in a few days.

It was Morgan’s wife who learned of their win and called him up.  Since they shared the jackpot with the holders of one other winning ticket, their share comes to a staggering $25 million.  And to think that before the win, they did not even have the money to replace a ripped couch!

Morgan is a bit secretive about his plans, only saying that they would pay off mortgage, replace the couch and perhaps travel to Hawaii.  With the rest of the money, he will only say that he will be prudent with it and wants to keep his life basically the same.


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