Harvard Employee Wins Diamond Millionaire Top Prize

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How much can a lottery ticket change a person’s financial situation?  A lot, if you ask a person named Ana Rodriguez.

Rodriguez used to be just like the majority of working-class people; financially hard-up and finding a hard time making ends meet.  She works as a ‘checker’ at a dining facility in the Quincy House residential facility in Harvard University.  But that was before she bought a Diamond Millionaire instant ticket which won the top prize of $10 million.

While Rrodriguez plans to work a couple more years, she is financially secure after receiving a one-time payment of$4.55 million  net of all taxes.  She plans to use the money to buy a new house, help family, take a vacation and for investments.

Read more in http://www.bostonglobe.com/metro/2014/10/17/harvard-university-staffer-wins-state-lottery/l4Jx8bf9De3D83qxaVFj6L/story.html

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