Helpful Vietnamese Man Wins A Lottery Jackpot

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Dung, a man in Hamlet 5 of Nhi Thanh Commune in Vietnam has always been generous.  So generous that when a neighbor asked for help selling several lottery tickets with the ‘unlucky number’ 855 514, he decided to buy them all.  That decision meant to help a neighbor landed him a lottery jackpot of VND8 billion, or an after tax amount of VND7.14 billion.

But that is not where his generosity ends.  After his win Dung gave VND 100 million to the ticket seller, VND150 million to the commune for officials to help needy people in the lunar new year, and VND 1 million and Tet presents to 12 local families.

When a few people came to his house asking for money, he did not turn them down.  That may have been a bad decision as a lot of strangers now come to his house asking for money.  There are even solicitation letters, and cases where police had to intervene to stop people from basically harassing him.

Because of the trouble caused by so many people asking for money, Dung left and settled elsewhere.


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