Home Cleaning Leads To Million Dollar Win

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Sometimes people win lottery jackpots due to a sequence of events that seem to lead them to riches.  That seems to be the case for a lady named Pat Pearson.

Pearson was just cleaning at home when she found some old tickets she had yet to check.  When she went to the store one ticket won $4, so she used that to buy more Powerball  tickets.  And then she promptly forgot about it.  As she had no phone, the store manager had to go look for her to let her know she had won a million dollar jackpot.

With her new found riches she wants to prioritize helping her son pay off a mortgage, and to buy a fancy sports car.  Because of her win, disabled and elderly people she services will soon be riding in style; and it all started with Pearson cleaning her h0me.

Read more in http://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/kenton-county/villa-hills/lottery-win-makes-villa-hills-woman-a-millionaire

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