Washington Couple Wins $90M Powerball Jackpot

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The saying “You’ll never know for sure till you try” should apply to Lisa Quam.  She says she thinks she is not a lucky person, yet when she bought her first Powerball ticket at the suggestion of a clerk , she won big – a huge $90 million jackpot prize.

The win has prompted her and her husband to decide to retire from their jobs at an aircraft plant.  Part of their plans also include travel, taking care of family and a new car.  The family has yet to decide whether to take the full amount in 30 annual installments or as a lump sum of $56.8 million.

Read more in http://www.thenewstribune.com/2014/12/04/3523489_winner-claiming-90m-powerball.html?rh=1

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