Home Remodeler Bags $10 Million Instant Ticket Prize

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A residential remodeler from the town of Clay, stopped by the Stewart’s Shop on Morgan Road in Liverpool, to cash a $50 winner and try his luck on a $30 instant ticket. He was merely coming home from Easter dinner then when his life changed.

Since David Kowalski plays the lottery regularly, he thought he’d take a chance on one $10,000,000 Cash instant ticket and still have $20 left from his winnings. But by the time he had scratched the ticket, he had way more than that.

He just knew he won something big when multiplier 50X was revealed. When the amount to be multiplied appeared, it was $200,000. He did mental math and realized that he had won the top prize of $10,000,000! That got him shaking and teary eyed so he phoned his family. He is set to receive single lump sum payment of $6,618,000 net of taxes.

While he has not had time to plan what he wants to do with his winnings, he says it will all be for the family. He is glad it will give him and other members of his family financial security.

Read more in http://www.syracuse.com/lottery/index.ssf/2017/05/town_of_clay_man_wins_10_million_on_new_york_lottery_scratch-off_game.html

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