Honest Store Owner Tracks Down Lotto Winner

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A Lyndhurst man is really blessed; not only did he buy a winning scratchers ticket, he managed to claim the prize after tossing the winning ticket in the trash.

After the man bought lots of instant tickets and tossed them in the trash, store owner Yogi Patel discovered that he had sold the winning ticket.  He looked for it in the trash can and found it without much effort.  The store owner then tracked down the winner and called him by phone.

The store earned a $30,000 commission for selling the winning ticket, but that is nothing compared to the honesty of the store owner who could have easily pocketed the money.  All Patel has to say is that the money is not his.

Read more in http://newyork.cbslocal.com/2015/10/23/lyndhurst-lottery-winner/

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