Hospital Workers $1 Million Richer

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Connie Baumer has been a member of a Powerball betting syndicate made up of emergency room staff at the St. John’s Medical Center in  Jackson, Wyoming for just a few weeks.  As she is the designated buyer, she stopped by Stinker Store on  in Idaho Falls  while on an out of town trip, to check her group’s tickets.

The group of twelve had won only $12;  lucky for them, Connie was not satisfied with just a dollar share of lottery winnings.  Connie asked the clerk to give her $12 worth of Powerball tickets, which proved to be just what they needed to win big.

One of the tickets won second prize by matching the five numbers but not the powerball, good enough to land a million dollar prize for the group to share.

The members of the syndicate plan to keep playing.  Many of them will pay off debts and mortgages and then use the remainder to fund ticket purchases.


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