Hudson Valley Man Lands A Million Dollar Jackpot

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Here’s a tip for those who want to hit it big in the lottery – buy coffee every morning and get a few tickets before you go. This is what helped a New York fencing contractor score a cool million dollars.

There may be a bit more to it though, the way he tells it. It’s true that he stops for coffee and three lottery tickets on his way to work every morning. He also scratches the tickets before he starts to work. However, on the day of his win he decided to purchase four tickets instead of the usual three.

The first three tickets were duds, but the fourth Super Tripler Cash ticket revealed the word ‘jackpot.’ That’s good enough to give Joseph Corsello a prize of $1 million. He said he felt as if a load was lifted off his back.

The lucky man chose to receive the prize in twenty annual payments of $50,000 ($33,090 net of taxes). This will certainly make life in retirement so much easier although, at 62, Corsello says he has no plans of retiring just yet. That said, there is no pressure for him to continue working and he may retire comfortably anytime he wants.


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