Illinois Lottery’s 1st 4th of July Raffle Winner [video]

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What would you do if your horoscope says you’ll be lucky at 11:00 a.m. today?  Ella Vedder took her horoscope advice literally on the way to a big win.

When Ella Vedder read in her horoscope that she will be lucky at 11:00 that day, she went to a gas station, waited till it was exactly 11:00 and bought two lottery tickets.  One of the tickets won $500,000 from the Illinois Lottery 4th of July Raffle.  The other ticket, a $5 scratch-off won $100.  Ella plans to buy a new home and a car from her winnings.

Now I don’t really believe in horoscopes, but you can’t really fault Ella for paying more attention to her horoscope from now on.

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