‘Investment’ In Lottery Tickets Pays Off

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A retired telephone lineman and now business owner David Teffthas been playing the lottery for a long time.  While some people call playing the lottery a form of gambling, Tefft believes that it is an investment in West Virginia because it benefits to many good causes in the state.  And then his years of  ‘investment’ paid off; Tefft won a $2 million prize playing Powerball.

After the win, Tefft says he plans to continue his business, but  would invest a bulk of his winnings.  He says he may take a lot more time off now to see the sights in his home state of West Virginia, but he has no plans to travel the world even if he can now afford to.  He will also pay off his home and build a log cabin on family land.

The winning ticket was purchased from Mini Giant’s 2 in Williamstown, on Dec. 20, earning the retailer a $10,ooo bonus check.

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