Irish Man Wins €500000 Instant Ticket Prize

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The lottery is played by people dreaming of a dramatic financial turn-around.  Some players even have some sort of premonition before they finally land the big one.  A man from Dublin may have experienced the biggest reversal of fortune after following a hunch to buy another instant ticket.

The father of four had been in dire straits recently and had almost sold his house a few months ago. Then lady luck paid a visit, not once but twice.  A week ago the man, who requested to remain anonymous, won €1,000 on a scratch card.  Feeling that he was indeed lucky, the man bought another €20 All Cash Extravaganza game instant ticket, which landed him a €500000 prize.

Now the man is all set to pay off his mortgage and credit card debts.  And his wife is planning a long overdue vacation.


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