Joe And Rhonda Meath Win $11.7 Million

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Minnesota couple Joe and Rhonda Meath were your typical small town folks.  She waits tables at a restaurant, while 53-year old Joe does odd jobs now that he’s retired from a job with Xcel Energy after a back injury three years back.  Joe still plays the lottery every day.  But though they are determined that their lifestyle should remain as it is, they are now millionaires many times over.

A ticket Joe bought for from the Corner Express service station in East Bethel won an $11.71 million jackpot from the lottery.  He is twice lucky because on this draw, the lottery picks up taxes for the jackpot, which means he gets the prize in full; the taxman would have cut more than 30% off the prize money otherwise.

Both the Meaths are determined to continue working, claiming they love what they do and that they want to remain ordinary people.  But neither of them will have to worry about money for a very long time.


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