Joe Wins The Lottery – Again!

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Joe Vaeth, 55, just won another $1 Million on the lottery.

His wife, Angie, never plays – she says there has to be one ‘sane’ person in the family!

But Joe, from Damascus, Maryland, is no stranger to winning on the lottery. He says he’s won $50,000 THREE times before, plus other lottery winnings he didn’t want to go into.

That’s on top of the raffle he won 14 years ago, claiming the top prize of a 1965 Corvette. Which for car fanatic Joe, was probably almost as good as his latest Million dollar win.

His most recent win came on the Mega Millions draw from 17th May, where he managed to hit a 2nd tier win of $250,000. But because he’d added the ‘Megaplier’ to his ticket, he actually got 4 times that amount.

So after federal and state taxes, the Vaeth’s will take away $678,750. The money will be used for retirement funds, some shared with their daughters, and to cover some work on their house.

And if you’re wondering what Joe’s big secret to winning the lottery is?

Keep playing! Joe has no special system, he just plays every day.

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