Lottery Winner Starts His Own Truck Racing Team

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You know lottery winners usually pay off their mortgage, and maybe buy a new car?

Well Joe Denette won a big payout on the Mega Millions back in 2009, and rather than retire quietly, he decided setting up his own truck racing team would be far more fun.

It all started when Joe got to take a pace car lap at the Nascar with Hermie Sadler.

“When Hermie took me around Richmond, I asked him if he drove anymore and decided to provide him sponsorship to put a truck on the track,” Denette said. “We did that several times and I asked him, ‘Hey, what would it take to actually do this, be the owner of a truck team?’ Hermie researched it and came up with the numbers and pointed me in the right direction.”

Denette views the truck team as an investment. “If you’re going to start a business, why not do something you like?” he said. “I’d eventually like to own a Cup team and race with the big boys.”


Curious as to how much you need? About $3 million dollars will get you going properly with your own team. But it’s good to plan ahead now for how you’re going to spend the jackpot.

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