Kentucky Man Wins $1000 A Day For Life

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David Jordan was walking on the street when he found a penny face up. That proved to be a sign of good things to come.

The man bought a Kentucky Lottery Lucky for Life ticket in Garrison the same day he found the penny. That ticket won for him the top prize of $1,000 for life. If he had chosen to receive the prize annual installment, it would have come with a 20 year guarantee so if he should pass before the 20th year the rest of the money would go to his heirs. But the lucky man chose the single payment option, for which he will receive $5,750,000 before taxes.

From his statement it seems like Jordan’s daughter will be the first beneficiary of his windfall. The winner says he wants to buy his daughter a new home, after which he will think of buying a new home for himself.


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