Kiwi Couple Win $27 Million Off NZ Powerball

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A New Zealand couple have been playing the lottery and dreaming of what they will do if they win.  Now it’s time to put those dreams into action.

For quite a while people have been speculating about why nobody has claimed a big Powerball jackpot of $27.3 million. Finally, a Thames couple, who regularly played the lottery, showed up to make their claim.

The wife said they were having tea Sunday when she thought of checking the results on their computer. They were well aware of the buzz surrounding the prize which was the fourth highest in NZ Powerball history. Suddenly she recognized the numbers were the same ones on her ticket and called her husband over. Even after they both checked they still called their son home to do another check. When the app their son used turned up “major winner” they began to believe they had really won the big one.

As to what they’ll do with the money, only one thing is clear at the moment – they’ll set aside a significant portion for family. They are also contemplating buying a new home and going on holidays overseas.


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