Laid Off Dad Is $32M Mega Millions Winner

August 24th, 2011   ·   Read Comment...

The latest Mega Millions winner has now come forward, in Boston.

Candido Oliveria, 47 and a father of 2, has just been announced as the winner of the jackpot from Friday 19th August. And he only bought one single quick pick ticket for the draw.

The prize fund had rolled over to $32 Million. Candido chose to take the lump sum option, so walks away with a new bank balance of $15.5 Million after taxes.

Formerly a record keeper, Candido had been laid off, so the win came as particularly good news for him and girlfriend Edite.

Neighbours were happy for the couple, saying Candido was a nice guy and a hard worker.

Candido says he had remained pretty calm ever since the win, and his first plans for the money were to take care of his family and friends.

The Tedeschi store, Neponset Avenue, Dorchester sold the winning ticket, and will therefore receive a payment of $50,000. Owner Hani El-Shurafa said he would be taking care of his employees and pay a few bills, but a large part of the payment would go back into the community.

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  • Ronald

    Congrats! I love it when a nice young couple get that kinda blessing. He is intelligent to know what to do with the money and he sounds sincere with the helping of his friends kudos, Ronald Webb

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