‘Losing Ticket’ Wins A Million Dollars

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Most people throw losing tickets away, but many in Colorado don’t do that – instead they keep them for some time.  They have good reason not to throw away those tickets, because the Colorado Lottery gives non-winning tickets a second chance drawing.

Thornton resident Allen B. had accumulated about $5000 worth of non-winning Monopoly Millionaire scratch tickets, to his wife Lorena’s irritation.  That turned to joy when one of those used-up tickets won a million dollars through the second chance draw.

The winner and his wife are now looking forward to paying off their house, buying vehicles and setting aside some money for their son’s education.  Lorena is contemplating being a full-time housewife, but Allen B. plans to continue working.

Lorena has no more problems with Allen B. playing the lottery.

Read more in http://kdvr.com/2014/10/17/mans-losing-colorado-lottery-ticket-wins-1-million/

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