Lottery Billionaire From Myanmar To Fund Charities

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Shan native Kun Moe Thwin lead a hard life, and there were times when he thought of working in other countries to earn enough for his family. Still he made a resolution that if he were to win the lottery, he will use a significant portion for charitable works. Now he plans to make good on his word.

The winner, who lives with his wife and year-old son in Shan State had a very realistic dream. In it he bought a lottery ticket from a specific outlet and had to borrow money from the store owner so he can collect his winnings in Yangon. So he bought a lottery ticket at the outlet he saw in the dream. The next month, he was surprised to learn that he had won the top prize of MMK1 Billion. That is equivalent to almost a million dollars US.

Now he is busy trying to think of a way to provide education to poor children and to set up medical centers for the poor. His parents will get whatever they want and his wife’s dream of a fabric shop will soon become reality.


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