Lottery Syndicate Celebrates Big Friday The 13th Win

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Many people consider Friday the 13th an unlucky date. But 14 residents of the same street in Garson will surely disagree. They bought a very lucky Lotto Max ticket on Friday the 13th, and when it was drawn later that day they became $10 million richer.

You can even say there were some unusual things about their win. Eric is supposed to get the tickets for the group but became unavailable so it was his wife Amber who bought six tickets from a Shell gas station. Then of course there’s the date that many consider extremely unlucky. But the group won anyway and, as Amber was busy Saturday, it was another couple who checked and discovered their good fortune.

By Monday the syndicate and their families are partying and drinking at Eric’s house. All of them will say that this is unusual and would not have happened before their win. But now one of them has bought a new pickup truck. One is happy he doesn’t have to worry about financing his planned marriage next year, and there are smiles all around.

Still the group says finding each other was their first stroke of good fortune, making the lottery win seem like just icing on the cake.


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