Lottery Win Jump Starts Man’s Retirement Fund

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A plumber, who was described by the store owner from which he bought a “$200,000 Gold Rush” instant scratch-off ticket as a good guy, has won the $200,000 top prize.  Since Sydney “Dean” Mitchell is self employed and does not have a 401(k) like most people, he says the lottery is his retirement plan; it is a good thing the lottery did not let him down.

It seems like he was really destined to win because Mitchell bought the winning ticket on 6 January, the first day the game came into play.  It took him just a few days to show up at the lottery offices to make this claim.  He pocketed $138,501, net of federal and state taxes.

He has no plans to splurge and says the money is just what he needs to start saving for his retirement.  Five more top prizes of $200,000 remain in play.


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