Lottery Win Proves Number 13 Is Not Always Unlucky

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There are many superstitions about the number thirteen.  Usha Mehta insisted on going to see their doctor on Thursday the 13th, even if her very superstitious husband did not really want to go.  Her husband’s fears proved to be unfounded as the doctor gave them good news.  But that is not the end of their luck that day.

On the way home, they stopped by a lotto shop and bought a 6/49 ticket.  They have been playing the lottery for about 40 years so that was nothing new.  What was surprising was that this time their entry won big.  Their ticket bagged a $1 million prize and its encore number even won another $2.

Now the Mehtas are planning trips to see family members in California, and perhaps visit other parts of the world as well.


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