Lottery Winner Bill Ryan; A Good Neighbor

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If a St. Peter were to review a CV of Mr. Ryan at the gates of heaven, I am sure he would be ruled overqualified.  When Bill Ryan won $100,000 from the lottery, he just kept on doing what he has been doing all his life – helping people.  In fact the winnings have been used to purchase the house next door to house destitute people; a house he bought after the death of the previous occupant,  whom he had been helping for years.

Having immigrated from England in 1960, where Mr. Ryan was born of a poor family with 10 children who still managed to foster four kids while living in the Great Depression.

In Australia, he lost his partner after only three years because she thought she was spending m0re in helping other people than his own family.  Since then he has taken in more destitute people, cared for the sick, paid for neighbor’s house renovation and taken second jobs to fund his works of charity.  One time he had even paid for the funeral of a person he had never met.

His good work is not lost on former neighbour Barbara Kostesic; she has nominated Mr Ryan for a Pride Of Australia medal.   He sure deserves that and more.


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