Lottery Winner Finds A Cool Way To Give Back, Donates Sprinklers

July 4th, 2013   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

Paine Street Park in Green Island held a grand on Monday.  The new new spray park has multiple large and colorful sprinklers that will be used for free by village residents.

The opening came on the heels of major renovation efforts that saw the nearly 70-year old sprayer the park uses replaced by a new one.  According to Mayor Ellen McNulty-Ryan, Construction at the site at the northern end of the community started in March, and had cost about $250,000.

It’s interesting to note that a major part of the renovation cost came from a $200,000 donation made by recent  $17 million lottery winners John and Lynda Kutey.  John, who grew up playing in the park, says it is their way of giving back to their community.

With temperatures rising everywhere, the new sprayers at the park would be a well appreciated gift from the Kutey’s for years to come.


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