Lottery Winner Hopes To Win Again – To Help More People!

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Luck has been kind to Phil Poultney, gifting him with a Euromillions UK millionaire maker prize last September. But he lucky man has been spreading the blessings since.

With the £1 million prize he won late last year, the winner has been busy helping family friends and various charities. They have since moved to new digs since the win and have invested in property to secure their future. Though they have not specified what charities they have benefited, Poultney and his wife say they have contributed charitable institutions both in the country and abroad.

They have also sponsored a local motorcycle racer Jamie Williams who has since been on a more intense racing schedule. While the racer is rightly grateful, the lottery winner says he is happy to help.

With all his charities, Poultney still works for a living, and does not intend to retire anytime soon. And he still plays the lottery hoping for another big win – so he can help out extended family.


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