Lottery Winner Now Lives Off Investments

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21 months ago, Bay Roberts resident Wayne Hiltz was struggling to put food on the table.  He used to live in a leaky home and rode around in a bicycle he assembled from spares.  But one lucky day in 2013 changed all that when he spent $20 on an instant ticket and won $2 million.

If you look at his home, you’ll see that he has indulged in vehicles – four of them.  But other than that and his new home, he still lives a simple life.  He has not squandered the blessing that came his way two years ago; in fact he says he has invested most of it, and the earnings are much more than he used to earn during his lean times.

When he says he is set till the age of 85, you have to believe him – the hardships he suffered less than two years ago have taught him to guard his finances carefully.


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