Lottery Winner’s Killer Can’t Keep Victim’s House

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When Abraham Shakespeare won $30 million dollars in 2006,  nobody thought the jackpot would lead Abraham to an early grave, but it did.  His body was found in April 2009, and a person who befriended him has been found guilty of his murder.

Dorice ‘Dee Dee’ Moore befriended Abraham in 2008 and pretended to write about about how people were trying to con him.  Actually, it was Moore who was using her friendship with Abraham to gain control of his wealth.  By 2009, she had control of all of his properties, and lived in a house Abraham bought in 2007  for $1 million.

When he found out he had been duped, Abraham threatened to kill her, but Moore murdered him instead.  After her conviction, the Abraham’s family sued to recover properties she had duped from Abraham, including the million dollar house.

Fortunately there was never any sale, so the judge ruled that the house should be returned to Abraham’s heirs.


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