Do Lottery Winners Warrant Congratulations From Governor?

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Florida Governor Rick Scott has been sending a lot of congratulatory letters to his constituents lately.  The recipients of his “attaboy” letters include Florida bar candidates, professional license applicants, recent college graduates.  Last year he has even asked for the names of students who have obtained perfect scores in standardized tests.  And  now he has also sent congratulatory letters to about 18,000 winners of the lottery.

The letters to lottery winners contain congratulations from the governor and then shifts to how the lottery benefits education, before ending with his mantra “I am focused on keeping Florida’s economy moving in the right direction.”

Some people receive hand-written recognitions of special achievement, the arrival of a new family member or a birthday.  These notes also contain major issues related to the Governor’s reelection campaign.

Some people resent the issuance of these letters which they claim are being used to boost the governor’s reelection chances on the taxpayer’s dollar.


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