Lotto Winner Robbed By Fake Cops

October 21st, 2013   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

A man who claims his lottery ticket which  won a R33 million jackpot was stolen from him by bogus cops.  Apparently the man named Sipho Ngcobo  told his friends of the win, even before handing the ticket to his mother for safekeeping.  He has filed a case with the police.

The man committed many errors.  First off, lottery operators Gidani, have advised players to write their names, surnames and contact details at the back of tickets to  prevent theft – Sipho did not do that.  Secondly, while the lottery does not release the names of winners for reasons of security, Sipho even boasted of his win to friends, thus stripping himself of anonymity.

Lottery officials say they have paid the prize to a claimant from KwaZuluNatal.  It remains to be seen if the man can prove his claim of theft and if he can recover the money.


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