Lotto Winner’s Husband Postpones Retirement To Keep Water Plant Running

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One woman’s lottery luck could have spelled trouble for her village. But the husband was too professional to leave without a proper replacement.

John Dixon has been a long-time water plant operator when his wife Rita won $3.3 million after taxes from a scratch off ticket. That should have been enough to send most men to immediate retirement, but not Dixon.

It didn’t help that the plant was difficult to operate. They even draw from a well containing hydrogen sulfide to ensure there are no shortages, but that requires the use of a bubbler machine and very close monitoring. He stayed on for a full two months while he trained the backup water operator to take his place.

His wife has no plans of retiring though and only wants to limit her working time on the three jobs she holds. With the winnings she has bought a brand-new Mercedes and wiped out her debts. She will invest whatever remains.


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