Lotto Winner’s Jackpot To Pay For Family And Friend’s Mortgages

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John Van Dusen Sr. finally hit the jackpot after regularly buying Western Max lottery tickets since they first came out.  He won a cool million dollars.

But John will not believe he won at first; he had to check a few times and a guard had to inform him it was a million dollars that he won.   But that is just half the story.  John has a standing verbal agreement with close family members and a close family friend that whoever wins the lottery pays for the mortgages of the others.

Just to stress the strength of their agreement he asked family friend Cam Le to repeat it to him, then promptly informed her that she can consider her mortgage paid.  John, wife Fay, son John, daughter Leslie and close friend Cam Le will soon be mortgage free.

John has proven that friendships and verbal agreements can trump the allure of lots of money.


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