Lotto Winner’s Prize All Going To Pay Off Debt

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Seaforth  Coun. Nathan Marshall hit a bit of luck.  He is one of 27 people who will share a million dollar payout from the lottery.

He and 26 other employees of Blackburn Radio, where he also works as a radio host, have been playing the lottery together for almost ten years. Each member pitches in $20 for ten weeks’ worth of bets. But Marshall has only been part of the group for five years. That gives each member about $27,000.

Now that they have finally won, members of the group expressed different plans for their portion of the winnings. Some wanted to buy new beds, some are planning trips, and many will use at least part of their winnings to pay off debts. But when asked what he will do with  his share, Marshall simply said “It’s (all) going to debts.”

At this time Marshall and his mates are still waiting for OLG to confirm their win, after which they plan to travel to Ontario as a group to claim the prize. The group is already planning when to purchase their next batch of tickets.


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