Lotto Winners Share Their Blessings With Town

March 28th, 2014   ·   Read 2 Comments...

When Mary Lohse hit the $202 million Powerball jackpot 18 months ago, the small town of Bondurant did not realize just how lucky they were.  But now that Mary and husband Brian have been sharing their good fortune, people’s lives have started changing for the better.

For one, the couple has invested $4.5 million in a grocery store, because their town needed one.  They were tired of driving out of town just to buy groceries.  And the grocery will provide employment to townspeople.

They have also given $3 million for a football stadium.  They also paid off the mortgage of the Bondurant Federated Church.  And the couple seem to be enjoying sharing the blessings Mary describes as something she only bought a ticket to deserve.

Since they opted to receive $129.8 million ($90.1 million after taxes), a lot more charities are bound to benefit.


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