Mail Carrier Posts $1 Million Lottery Win

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Mail Carrier Posts $1 Million Instant Ticket Win

Mail carriers are used to making deliveries. One lucky mail carrier from Raleigh is on the receiving end for once. And the delivery is for a million dollars!

Irene Tillman had been serving mail route number 24. So when she stopped at the Shalom Gas and Cash Mart in Goldston and saw a  $30 Ultimate Millions scratch-off ticket with the same number, she immediately bought it.  In her mind, she thought that it was meant to be. Much to her surprise, the ticket gave her a million dollar win!

When Tillman was given a choice of receiving the full million dollars in $50,000 annual installments or a sinngle $600,000 cash payment, she chose the cash option. After the taxman took his cut, she still brought home $417,015.

The  lucky winner has modest plans which include paying off her bills and buying a new washer and dryer for her home.



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