Record €1.57 Million Prize For One Maltese Winner

January 8th, 2014   ·   Add Your Comment Now...

History was made on the third of January 2014 as a punter managed to win a 1.57 euro jackpot from the Malta Grand Lottery draw.  It was the highest jackpot ever paid in the island for a single winner.  The winning ticket had been sold at an outlet in Mosta.

Maltco spokesmen revealed that the huge win came on the heels changes that offered better odds winning the grand prize of 1 in 400,oo0.  The revised odds have given players almost twice the chance to snag the grand prize, in the game that they have only introduced last year.

In addition, ticket prices have been reduced to €3, and the draw will be conducted on a weekly basis.  The grand prize for the next draw starts at €500,000.


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